Tefal E011S3 Jamie Oliver Brushed Pfannenset, 3-teilig, bestehend aus Pfanne 20 cm (E85602), Pfanne 24 cm (E85604) und Pfanne 28 cm (E85606), Edelstahl

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Marke: Tefal

Farbe: Edelstahl


  • 3-schichtiger robuster Boden: Edelstahlboden, Aluminiumkern, Magnetische Außenschicht aus Edelstahl; optimale Wärmeleitung
  • ProMetal Pro Antihaft-Versiegelung: Für schonendes, gesundes Braten mit wenig Öl, ohne Anbrennen und für eine leichte Reinigung
  • Thermo-Spot: Der Thermo-Spot wird einheitlich rot, wenn die Pfanne die optimale Brattemperatur erreicht hat
  • Induktionsgeeignet: Geeignet für alle Herdarten, inklusive Induktionsherde; genietete Griffe aus Edelstahl: Für mehr Sicherheit
  • Lieferumfang: Tefal E011S3 Jamie Oliver Brushed Pfannenset, 3-teilig (bestehend aus Pfanne 20 cm (E85602), Pfanne 24 cm (E85604) und Pfanne 28 cm (E85606)) Edelstahl

Einzelheiten: Here are the hints for pots and pans. Cleaning Tip: Clean your cookware with hot water, liquid detergent and a soft sponge. Do not use scouring cream, steel wool and scouring pads. In the case of enamelled cookware outside, discoloration of the enamelling due to cleaning in the dishwasher is normal. On exterior hard-anodized cookware, an additional coating is applied to protect the exterior of the cookware from damage by rinsing in the dishwasher. To preserve this protective coating, do not clean the cookware with a scouring pad while rinsing by hand. If this happens, Tefal recommends rinsing the cookware only by hand, as the coating may be damaged. CAUTION: Cleaning in the dishwasher: Various dishwashing detergents contain ingredients that can affect the non-stick properties and enamel fading of the cookware, especially with aluminum cookware. When used in the oven: Tefal cookware with handles made of stainless steel, with / without silicone insert is oven safe up to 260 ° C. Tefal cookware with handles made of thermoplastic material is oven-proof up to 180 ° C. In order to avoid burns, the use of oven gloves is recommended, both when used on the stove and when removing it from the oven. Tefal cookware can not be used in the microwave. Beware of children in the kitchen!

EAN: 3168430301696