Sphero 1B01RW1 Ollie by Sphero App Controlled Robot

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Marke: Orbotix

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  • Ollie by Sphero App Controlled Robot
  • Unparalleled manoeuvrability, able to turn on a dime
  • Rugged on the outside, smart on the inside
  • Blast past the opposition with speeds of 6.3 metres per second
  • App-powered tricks for limitless fun

Plattform: Android

Einzelheiten: Produktbeschreibung Product Description Ollie - the app controlled robot driven by adrenaline! an intelligent core - Sphero have perfected the technology so you can focus on having fun. Automated scoring allows you to get feedback from the virtual judge to help you improve your skills. You can earn high scores o unlock specialised driving styles to allow personalised control over your Ollie. Record and share your skills by using the automatic record feature which will save it so you can go back and repeat it again and again! pull off amazing tricks out of the box, and learn how to repeat them with practice and skill making you a master of Sphero! Safety Warning N/A See all Product description Rechtliche Hinweise Privatkauf, Rücknahe ausgeschlossen Set enthält: Ollie, 2 Stück Gummi Reifen, 2 Radkappen, USB Ladekabel, Bedienungsanleitung

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EAN: 0699687033878

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