Sena B2M-01 Bluetooth zu Mesh Intercom Adapter

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Marke: Sena

Farbe: schwarz


  • Bluetooth Zu Mesh Intercom Adapter
  • Bluetooth 4.1

Einzelheiten: Mesh intercom technology for Sena communication devices with + Mesh, any Sena headset can now take advantage of mesh technology When using the intercom system. The wireless + Mesh adapter for Sena headsets enables seamless communication with other Sena headsets built with mesh intercom instead of connecting via Bluetooth with a range of up to 800 meters. Mesh intercom - One step ahead The easy-to-use +mesh adapter turns any headset into an advanced and more flexible communication device with a simple push of a button. The mesh network technology instantly connects you to a virtually unlimited number of users and offers a more stable connection. Lost connections are constantly searched for and restored as soon as the driver is back in range - The rest of the Group remains undisturbed, connected. Easy to use and easy to install to ensure an optimal connection between your headset and the + Mesh, simply attach the adapter to any place of your motorcycle. To achieve optimal results and maximise intercom range, mount the + Mesh in a position where the driver you want to connect to is in direct line of Vision.