Occre - Bausatz Schiffsmodell Santisima Trinidad

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Marke: Occre


  • Occre - Bausatz Schiffsmodell Santisima Trinidad

Einzelheiten: The Santisima Trinidad was built in La Habana and left off the pile on March 2, 1769. With its 130 cannons, it was the largest warship in the 18th century. The ship took part in all the naval battles at the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century and ended in the battle of Trafalgar under the flag of the counteradmiral Cisnero, in which it was sunk by the English fleet. The most modern methods are used to manufacture all components that require a perfect fit with the highest precision. The result is exceptionally lifelike models. The materials used correspond to the materials of the original: different types of wood, metal, cotton ... To make assembly easy and easy, the parts of the kits are packed in boxes in assorted packaging, so that all parts remain organized and no parts are lost. The craft instructions explain the assembly step by step and are complemented by colour photos and sketches. Many sections of the construction are supported with patterns and templates in the scale 1:1 to determine the individual parts. Technical data: scale: 1:90; length: 1060 mm; width: 415 mm; height: 810 mm; shipment does not include a ship stand.