Waveshare Jetson Nano Developer Kit Package D Includes The AI Development Board Binocular Stereo Camera and 64 GB TF Card…

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Marke: Waveshare

Farbe: Jetson Nano Developer Kit D (for EU)


  • This pack is suitable for evaluating AI-powered depth vision projects.
  • Jetson Nano Developer Kit, New B01 Revision, Upgraded 2-lanes CSI, Small AI Computer
  • 8MP Binocular Camera Dual Cameras, IMX219 Sensor, 3280×2464 Pixels, Suitable For Depth Vision / Stereo Vision
  • Jetson Nano Developer Kit (B01) x 1; IMX219-83 Stereo Camera x 1
  • Micro Card 64GB x 1;card reader x 1; Jumper x 1; Power adapter x1