Topfset 5-tlg. Induktion Sagan, Kochgeschirr-Set aus rostfreiem Chrom-Edelstahl, backofenfest bis 180 °C, Glasdeckel, Dampfablass & Ausgießsystem, spülmaschinengeeignet

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Marke: K & G seit 1948

Farbe: Silber


  • HOCHWERTIG - Das Topfset Sagan aus Chrom-Edelstahl 18/10 eignet sich für alle Herdarten, ist kratzfest und spülmaschinengeeignet. Außerdem lassen sich die Töpfe bis zu 180 °C im Backofen verwenden.
  • VIELSEITIG - Ob Suppen, Gemüse, Saucen oder Desserts: Mit dem umfangreichen Sagan bekommen Sie für jedes Gericht den passenden Topf in der richtigen Größe.
  • ENERGIESPAREND - Die induktionsgeeigneten Töpfe ermöglichen ein energiesparendes Kochen dank schneller und gleichmäßiger Wärmeverteilung durch Thermoboden mit vollverkapseltem Aluminiumkern.
  • PRAKTISCH - Die hilfreiche Füllmengenmarkierung an der Innenseite und Glasdeckel mit integriertem Dampfablass und Ausgießsystem machen das kochen bequemer.
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Einzelheiten: Pots for small and large kitchen projects. On some days an elaborate dinner is on your kitchen plan, and on others you only want to warm up the remains of the previous day. The 6-piece Sagan cooking pot set by Kitchen Crew is at the very front of every cooking project and reliably supports you with any risotto, stew and pasta dishes. The set includes 3 pots (16, 20 and 24 cm diameter) with matching lids. Whether simple soup or elaborate 3-course menu – the 9-piece Sagan saucepan set by Kitchen Crew provides you with high-quality cookware you can rely on. The set includes 4 pots (16, 18, 20 and 24 cm diameter) with matching lids and 1 milk pot (16 cm diameter). Each pot has a thermal base with a 3.5 mm thick fully encapsulated aluminium core. The heat spreads quickly and evenly, so that cooking is a pleasure, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You can use the pots on all types of cookers, including induction hobs. Have you got recipes in which the oven plays a decisive role? No problem, the pots are oven safe up to 180 °C. The pot is made of 18/10 chrome stainless steel. The material is robust and scratch-resistant in everyday kitchen use. In addition, stainless steel is odourless and tasteless, so that the taste of your dishes is not compromised by foreign aromas. The litre scale and the concise pouring rim make cooking even more convenient. The set is rounded off with 4 perfectly fitting glass lids. Thanks to the steam hole, water vapour can escape in a controlled manner. And the integrated pouring system allows you to easily strain liquid. Pots and lids are equipped with solid hollow handles that are securely in the hand and do not easily get hot. The milk pot has a long handle.

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