Hochwertiges professionelles Mini-Trampolin Rebounder von vielen unserer Top-Athleten Sportstars und Prominenten verwendet. Ideal für Fitness-Training, Gewichtsverlust, unt für Ski-Fitness. Indoor Trampolin für Jumping Fitness. bis zu 140kg

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Marke: MXL MaXimus Life

Farbe: BLACK


  • ✅ Professionelle Gym Rebounder - Ideal für Fitness-Training, Gewichtsverlust, Lymphdrainage und Kern und gemeinsamer Stabilität Ausbildung Customer Service Deutsch german-support@maximuslife.co.uk
  • ✅ Die robuste und hochwertige Rebounder auf dem Markt, die von vielen professionellen Athleten und Sport-Männer und Frauen verwendet.
  • ✅ Sehr geringe Auswirkungen Bounce, fortschrittliche Federsystem und rutschfeste Oberfläche. Toll für Entgiftung und Lymphdrainage
  • ✅ Wie in Tausenden von Fitness-Studios weltweit eingesetzt, inlcuding Whirlpools und ganzheitliche Therapeuten für die Entgiftung Zwecke
  • ✅ Folding gefederte Beine für einfache Lagerung - kann bis zu 140kg Person

Einzelheiten: Product description This product is specifically made for the gym, studio and group fitness environment in leisure centers schools and health clubs around the world. It is extremely robust and because of its design gets great results fast! Our Rebounder is endorsed in the over 3000 Gyms and Schools and Health Spa's worldwide that have implemented our extensive Rebounding Programs. It is made from high grade steal, has a unique spring loaded leg system for easy storage and portability, non slip mat and advanced muscle shape spring system to ensure a resilient bounce. It is specifically designed to deliver all the health and fitness benefits that can be obtained from a rebounding programme. It makes your workout extremely low impact unlike other mini trampolines. Invest in a quality rebounder and see how quickly you achieve your fitness goals. This rebounder is used by many of our top Athletes, sporting stars and celebrities as it delivers all the benefits that rebounding can. Our company have specialized in the manufacturing and supplying and design solely of professional rebounders that are reliable and robust unlike cheaper 'mini trampoline products'. Our experienced and well qualified fitness team present and demonstrate the best rebounding techniques on our DVDS to ensure you achieve the best results fast. We have a team of health practitioners available to answer any questions and offer customer support any time you need advice. tel 01252 833871. If you pay less than £130 for a rebounder it will be tightly sprung with small straight cheap springs and componant parts that is not low impact and therefore will produce very little results and not last. It is worth spending a little more for a quality CE certified rebounder that will allow you to achieve amazing results including huge calorie burn weight loss increase in muscle tone and a leaner physique increased joint strength and stability quicker speed +reaction time.