Flyte Polly the Panda 18" Midi Scooter Suitcase Black and White

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Marke: FLYTE

Farbe: Schwarz


  • 25 Liter Fassungsvermögen - viel Platz für Reiseutensilien
  • Kabinengröße - ideal für das Verstauen in Ihren Dachfächern
  • Rock-n-Roll-Lenkung - stabile Lenkung für Sicherheit
  • Robuste aber matschige - weiche, federnde Oberfläche, die dem Aufprall standhält
  • Sicherer, integrierter Deck - Roller lässt sich zusammenklappen und arretieren

Einzelheiten: Produktbeschreibung Pack deinen Polly ein, um ein Panda-Monium am Flughafen zu vermeiden. Dieser süße und kuschelige Bär ist perfekt, um das Nötigste für jeden kleinen Reisenden aufzubewahren, auch ohne einen Bambusgenuss! Produktbeschreibung des Herstellers Flyte is a soft, squidgy, but sturdy suitcase, an easy to use pull-along trolley and most importantly, a safe and fun scooter to ride around the world. What is Flyte? Flyte combines the thrill of riding a scooter, the practicality of pull-along trolley and a quirky case all in one. The case scooter is equal parts fun and functional as the compact piece of cabin-sized luggage is capable of holding up to 5kgs of your little traveller’s essentials, whilst still zooming to your destination. How does Flyte help? We’ve all seen the stress and the struggle that families go through just getting the kids to the end of the driveway, let alone the airport. If parents had a way to distract the kids, whilst simultaneously lightening their own load, who wouldn’t jump at the chance? We created Flyte to make your journey. Make it less stressful for parents. Make it more magical for children. Make it more enjoyable around. And help all families make it to their destination and beyond. Squishy yet sturdy Flyte is designed to take a few knocks and bumps; drop it, squeeze it, or even sit on it and watch it bounce back into shape due to the foam exterior. It can hold up to 5kg of toys, clothes and games, whilst the squishy material means it’ll still slot into cabin gauges at the airport! Perfect for all journeys Flyte’s handle bars have soft, rubber grips, perfect for little hands and ideal for gripping tight when your little ones need to navigate through busy crowds. As a pull-along trolley, Flyte can glide close to the ground so even tiny travellers pull it through the airport. Scoot around the world Flyte’s finest feature is its easy-to-fold footplate that fits snugly in the back of the case. When folded out Flyte takes on its final form – a fully-functioning scooter with rock ‘n’ roll steering. Flyte Family Flyte currently comes in 2 different sizes and multiple different designs. The Mini version is perfect for tiny travellers aged 2-4, whilst the Midi is designed for 4-8 year olds. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words. Innovative, enriching, adventurous How did you come up with the idea for this product? I’ve spent years building and creating toys for kids which has led me to travel quite a lot as well. My time spent in airports around the world led me to witness a lot of stressed out parents and unhappy children – these places are real pain points for families. But travelling should be a joy for everyone, especially children who are fortunate enough to do so. My childhood memories of holidays as a kid were always about the destination – not the journey. Why should a whole new generation of kids suffer the same? That’s where Flyte comes in. What makes your product special? Flyte combines both a toy and luggage – it’s a whole new product in itself. It’s practical for parents and fun for kids. What has been the best part of your startup experience? Building the brand from the ground up and getting the word out - when you suddenly see your own product at the airport, that's pretty great.

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